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We are able to tell you the stories behind our coffee bean origins and we don't mind paying more to receive the exceptional quality and thoughtful care for our coffee beans
Small Batch Roast Our beans are roasted in a way that highlights the coffee batch's attributes. We chase sweetness, complexity, and distinctiveness
We undestand that Boondocks Coffee Roaster is only as good as the raw coffees we work with and the majority of that burden is carried by farmers that use safe and sustainable agricultural practices to produce exceptional coffees
The Significance Behind the Name:

Boondocks / Bundok

"Spending a few years of my childhood in the Philippines really shaped the work we're doing at Boondocks. To me, part of it is the level of hospitality I was accustomed to back in the Philippines. I wanted to capture that feeling and bring it back to life through specialty coffee. I want people to feel that sense of warm hospitality as they enjoy a cup of our coffee. [Our work with Boondocks] is all about showcasing the Philippines along with its colorful culture and creating a space for us on the global specialty-coffee scene."