The Significance Behind the Name Boondocks


What's in the name?

Boondocks pronounced /‘boon, däks/ or “the boonies” a word coined during the American military occupation of the Philippine-American war (1899-1902), means rough, remote, or isolated country. It derives from the Tagalog word “bundok,” which means “mountain” and refers to rural areas inland, difficult to access due to the mountainous terrain. At higher altitudes in the bundoks, Arabica coffee beans thrive, producing dynamic, aromatic, and flavorful cups of coffee that we love.

Boondocks Coffee Roasters takes immense pride in its Filipino-American immigrant roots, being a minority-owned business. Our primary mission is to shine a spotlight on the rich coffee offerings from the Philippines and showcase them on the global specialty coffee map.

We value our farmers, their communities, and families, aiming to make a positive impact in communities of color both where the coffee is grown and in the states. We prioritize the use of safe and sustainable agricultural practices and partners with reputable green coffee suppliers who share their commitment to ethical labor practices, ensuring their coffee is of the highest quality without any taint of oppression.


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